The Charlie Bigham’s Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone, in and around the Bishop’s Barn, will have lots of interactive areas for all the family about the food we eat and its impact on farming and the environment. The focus for this year is dairy and waste management.


Discover how the milk we drink is produced and learn about the products it makes, including butter and cheese. Find out from The Collective how yoghurt is made and sample some farm-fresh milk from Coombes Micro Dairy. Shepton Vets will explain how they help farmers to keep their cows healthy, happy and productive with diets that use waste and by-products from human food processes and with disease control that uses fewer antibiotics.


Join Somerset Waste Partnership to share tips on how to make the most of your food. Whether you’re trying to cut waste while coping with kids, struggling to cook or buy just the right amount, are unsure about date labels, or simply want some inspiration for tasty dishes so nothing goes to waste, you’ll find practical suggestions and information to take away. And remember a pumpkin is not just for Halloween.


Excess waste is harming us all – come and find out how we can reduce it. See how to make compost at home, using all your waste organic matter instead of sending it for disposal by your local council. Learn about the benefits of home composting and which items are compostable, as well as the micro-organisms, worms and other insects that are busy in our compost bins.

Younger visitors will also enjoy the Children’s Zone, the Bath & West Farm Yard and the Children’s Trail.

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