Discovery Zone

The Charlie Bigham’s Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone, located next to, and in, the Bishop’s Barn, will have three fun and interactive areas for all the family. We’ll be exploring how the demand for food is impacting farming, the landscape and the environment; and asking where our food actually comes from, what we might be eating in the future and how families can work together to reduce their waste.

Our ‘Soapbox’ will play host to a variety of speakers throughout the day, posing questions like
‘Did you know that cows eat cornflakes?’ and ‘Did you know that chickens can lay blue eggs?’

While the Discovery Zone will appeal to adults and children alike, we will have some exciting activities aimed specifically at the kids, including The Bath & West Farm Yard – with sheep, chickens, piglets and a tractor – and Noah’s Ark Pre-School will again be joining us to encourage children to roll up their sleeves and learn to make some simple, but very tasty, lunches.
For the parents, Sound Foundation will be whipping up some delicious sugar-free desserts.


Field to Fork will focus on where our local food comes from, looking specifically at the cow: what do cows eat, what happens to milk before we drink it, and what are we actually eating when we bite into a sirloin steak?


Waste Not, Want Not will look at how we can all, both as individuals and groups, combat food waste, from reducing everyday plastic usage and producing our own compost to recycling on a larger scale.


Sustainable Food and Farming will explore some of the food sources currently available that use sustainable farming methods, such as seaweed and aquaponics.
We’ll be welcoming local producers¬†Ebb Tides and Bioaqua.